ND3 ATS JV, is a dynamic 8(a) Joint Venture formed through the strategic collaboration of industry leaders Applied Training Solutions, LLC (ATS) and ND3. With a steadfast commitment to driving transformative growth, our company offers a diverse portfolio of specialized services and capabilities that are redefining the defense landscape.

Our areas of expertise encompass training services, information technology, modeling and simulation, security and mission assurance, mission support, logistics and contracting, and protection services. Through our deep industry knowledge and collaborative approach, we provide comprehensive solutions tailored to meet the unique requirements of our


Our core competencies

As an 8(a) and Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), we take pride in delivering superior services that combine exceptional quality with cost-effectiveness. With our Hub Zone qualification, we possess an in-depth understanding of the intricate challenges and demands inherent in supporting the Government’s mission for equity and inclusion.

Information Technology

Enhance your infrastructure and maximize operational efficiency with our specialized Information Technology (IT) services. Our comprehensive range of offerings includes robust cybersecurity measures, data analytics, and artificial intelligence solutions tailored to protect critical assets and optimize operational efficiency.

Modeling and Simulation

Immerse yourself in the transformative potential of virtual and augmented realities through our Modeling and Simulation services. Harnessing the capabilities of advanced simulations and sophisticated modeling techniques, we provide tailored solutions that enable accurate analysis, strategic planning, and immersive training scenarios.

Mission Assurance

Safeguard your organizational objectives with our comprehensive mission assurance services. We provide risk management strategies, resilience planning, continuity of operations, and critical infrastructure protection, ensuring the successful execution of missions in dynamic and challenging environments.

Mission Support

Streamline your defense operations with our comprehensive mission support services. From logistics and supply chain management to personnel support, we optimize processes, enhance efficiency, and enable your organization to focus on core objectives while we handle the essential support functions.


Optimize logistics and supply chain capabilities with our specialized services. Our comprehensive solutions streamline supply chain management, transportation, and warehousing. We ensure timely resource allocation and operational readiness, empowering your organization to achieve peak efficiency.


Continuity of operations, force protection, antiterrorism, defense security, emergency management, and critical infrastructure safeguarding


Our comprehensive training services and subject matter experts will elevate your personnel through immersive training simulations, advanced techniques, and tailored programs. Equip your team with the skills and readiness needed for mission success in complex and challenging environments.

Proven performance and commitment to your mission


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At ND3 ATS JV, we strive to be your trusted partner, empowering your defense initiatives with innovative solutions and unwavering support. Explore the possibilities of collaborative excellence by contacting us today and unlocking a new era of mission success.

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